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Committed to providing the best in ICT Services

TechnologyFX has spent 12 years crafting a robust service catalogue to provide a valuable range of services for our clients and partners. Our core servicing offering is a complete outsourced IT managed service, with professional services and consulting services running in tandem. These offerings are governed by flexible commercial terms and service level agreements. We strive to tailor our services to our customers’ needs, unique environments and challenges.

Consulting Services

Every customer needs to be understood before being advised.

The focus of our consulting service is to listen, learn and understand a customer environment, their drivers and their business goals before prescribing advice or solutions. Every new customer engages us through our consulting services whether it is part of a sales activity or driven by a project or assignment. Whilst we love best practice and follow great standards and proven solutions, we do not template solutions or provide canned answers – we recognise the value of proper business analysis over offering quick solutions that aren’t ultimately fit for purpose.

There are a number of areas where we can provide consulting services. These range from simply providing an audit and general understanding of an environment through to complete ICT strategies, planning and design services. In consulting we are measured by our ability to provide meaningful advice and solutions to our clients’ project and business challenges.

It is critical to understand an environment when measuring it or planning for change. Often we have helped customers gain a better understanding by doing audits on their network and infrastructure. This understanding then leads to opportunities to improve an environment and build better business. Our audits are carried out by experienced engineers with manual, hands-on processes and automated software.

We often see a serious lack of ICT planning across all business and industries. Quite often businesses will have an organised detailed business plan but leave out the detail planning for their technology platform, and the related requirements that will actually execute their business plans and goals. We provide an ICT strategy planning service which gives our clients the ability to budget and execute their plans accurately and within minimal downtime.

There is a long held statistic in the ICT industry that the bulk of ICT projects fail, either through the outcomes, the budget or the timeframes. A lot of this comes down to rushing the solution architecture or design phase. TechnologyFX spend a lot of time in building system designs to our customers to ensure we get the right solution in the first place. Measure twice, cut once!

The old ways of conducting business are quickly declining as the era of digital disruption is upon us. Businesses are always falling away as faster, nimbler players enter the market without fanfare but with great results. TechnologyFX helps customers transform their businesses from the old analogue environment to a fast paced digital environment with lower overheads. This includes applying customised managed services, e-commerce, pushing mobile applications and utilising the power of cloud.

TechnologyFX offers to consult on projects on behalf of customers. This may be as simple as providing review and feedback on the design of a project, or building the project plan right through to implementation, in line with customer requirements.


"Unified communication and data networks"

“Having changed our IT support to TechnologyFX in 2008, I sit back and think about our relationship and realise that it has truly has been a great one. Our IT system has been unbelievably stable. We have minimal computer issues now, and this has reduced our costs enormously and made our organisation more streamlined and efficient”


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Professional Services

Our clients can expect a mature and high level of professional service.

When it comes to professional services, be it implementing technical solutions or simply project managing resources to deliver an outcome, TechnologyFX is an experienced and dedicated provider. Having carried out hundreds of projects for our clientele over the last 12 years, we focus on our project understanding and execution processes to maintain our zero-downtime target. As there is a strong trend to technology projects not being delivered well, we pride ourselves on getting the job done on time and within budget.

There is no doubt each project or professional service runs into challenges and our job is to overcome them with dedication and lateral thinking coupled with strong accountability and attention to detail. Delivering in this space is a core requirement to our success and to the success of our clients.

Whether it be a single office environment or a multiple site national rollout TechnologyFX is equipped with the capability of delivering. Every month the team here is fitting out retail or medical stores and upgrading offices nationally. This includes server, desktop, mobile devices, network infrastructure and much more. The key to successful delivery is ensuring a strong Statement of Work is completed along with a complete Project Plan. Often TechnologyFX carries out work over night to ensure minimum business impact.

Moving to the cloud can be an exciting proposition and a great step forward however it comes with a number of challenges, the main one being the migration or adaptation of existing business applications. And whilst there are any number of automated tools and methods to deliver cloud services quickly, it is critical to get migration and resourcing plans exact so that you get the right balance of speed, accuracy and utility. Choosing the right mix of local and cloud infrastructure is also important, which is why Cloud Migrations are often preceded by our Consulting Services.

Migrations are challenging as they present significant risk to business operations. TechnologyFX has carried out a lot of system migrations over the years and is always improving and learning from each project. One critical success factor is working very closely with any third party providers to ensure applications do not fail upon migration, as well as owning communications and the facilitation of their involvement.

TechnologyFX has a strong project management team with broad experience and credentials. We follow a very strict model that we have proven over the years. This covers a range of areas including resource management and risk management. Over the years we have carried out projects from large scale rollouts nationally to small site-specific projects. Our project expertise not only covers IT projects but also telecommunications and data, working closely with large telco providers.

A big part of TechnologyFX’s model is the ability to efficiently provision equipment, software and licensing. This, by the nature of the market we operate in, can end up being very complex, as a solution often comes with multiple modules and explicit compatibilities. TechnologyFX employs provisioning staff whose core role is to ensure provisioning goes to plan without fail. When distribution issues occur, our diverse supplier network means that alternate solutions are found rapidly.

Capital Chemist

"Technology solutions at the group level"

“The TechnologyFX team are reliable, professional and act promptly to assist with any issues. In our view TechnologyFX is the leading provider of IT Installation, support and maintenance to the community pharmacy sector”


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Managed Services

Peace of mind comes when something is truly managed

Managed services is the core offering for TechnologyFX and has been our staple service from inception. By taking care of our clients’ systems, infrastructure and network, a managed services environment provided by TechnologyFX means that our clients prosper, and our businesses grow together. Managed services creates accountability and generates results through a standard Service Level Agreement (SLA). It is a powerful way to improve uptime, get fixed outcomes and most importantly enables our customers to purchase certainty without breaking the bank.

For over 12 years TechnologyFX have offered a 24x7 helpdesk service that combines our sophisticated monitoring and management systems with our awesome customer service. The diverse range of products we support mean that our technicians are experienced in a wide variety of technologies and applications, ensuring we always have someone who is in familiar territory. Incidents and service requests coming in via email, telephone and system events are triaged and processed in an efficient and organised manner, allowing our core technical team the time and space to work effectively to maintain your required business outcomes.

In addition to the experienced technical team, TechnologyFX employs professional service delivery personnel to ensure your experience with us is as effective and beneficial as possible. Working closely with the consulting and sales teams, the service team supplies a range of additional services including facilitating technology audits, service reviews and projects, and providing our customers a point of contact within the company with access to a broad range of resources.

At TechnologyFX we provide outsourced IT support customised for each customer. Our extensive technical experience allows our team to facilitate many different resolutions for our customers, allowing us to really be a single point of contact for all IT related matters for many of our customers. Whether it is for servers or workstations, user issues, peripheral device support right through to specific software, retail, medical, corporate and professional services companies, we can facilitate support and are well versed with liaison with third parties on behalf of our customers.

Fast and secure remote support is available at all times from our helpdesk technicians, and all incident management is held to SLAs, which are variable according to the requirements of individual customers. Onsite technical assistance is available for all managed services customers on a scheduled, ad-hoc or emergency basis, with our extensive network of contractors covering Australia and New Zealand.

Emergency technical assistance is available for all managed services customers 24x7, utilising local remote assistance or our contractor network.
Business critical incidents can come from a variety of sources, and our technicians know the importance of maintaining our customer’s businesses, with the ultimate goal always to be able to achieve zero downtime. As such, even if it is 2am, if you have a critical business process that fails, we will always be available to assist whether it is a server failing to run a critical schedule task, the boss unable to log in at the Toronto airport, or a network link failure to Auckland.

Since inception TechnologyFX has been providing managed security for our customers, as much for our piece of mind as our csutoemers’! This takes a variety of formats, from regular monitored anti-virus and anti-malware, right through to the management and maintenance of powerful proxies and network filtering devices. Working closely with Symantec and Telstra, TechnologyFX are becoming experts at implementing and maintaining advanced security devices and services, including some specifically targeting the growing threat of autonomous ransomware and non-user-generated threats.

Business solutions are devised and implemented for our customers that make the most of the latest security technologies to lock down local and wide area networks, combining services such as advanced mail storage and filtering services, as well as managing secure hosting services through major vendors in Australia. IT security is fast becoming a major growth area in most markets, and TechnologyFX are on the front foot to design and implement robust solutions to provide some surety for our customers with these unavoidable security hazards.

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