Industry Overview

TechnologyFX specialises in a number of industries.

Over the last 12 years TechnologyFX has worked in a number of industries, working to understand the requirements and the nuances of each one. We pride ourselves on tailoring solutions and learning about our client businesses. We have found that focusing on a number of industries brings focus and efficiency. Whilst we often entertain new opportunities within other industries, TechnologyFX works on leveraging its current knowledge and solutions, to quickly provide outstanding results.


Providing prevention is as important as the cure.

Our speciality in Pharmacy goes back over 7 years. We have worked on just about every solution known to mankind with Pharmacy, from the basic service desk and troubleshooting to working closely with complicated 3rd party solutions, to specialised services such as integrating dispense robots and setting up wide area networks for hosted Point-of-Sale replications. We understand that Pharmacy is an industry that requires a lot of love and attention and a strong focus on uptime. That is why we focus heavily on robust and tested solutions.

These solutions cover both front of house and back of house solutions and importantly the underpinning architecture to ensure that groups are water tight in running their critical systems. TechnologyFX has worked hard to become a leading provider to the industry in managing, maintaining and upgrading pharmacies through a combination of hardware, software and service. Our ability to completely upgrade a pharmacy without and loss of trade is just one area where we have learnt to excel and deliver.

Pharmacies are under a lot of pressure to provide top notch service to their customers and also ensure strong trading results, especially with high competition and a disrupted market, particularly on margins. As a partner, we focus on return on investment (ROI) on each dollar spent and ensure that results can be measured particularly when focusing on the ever growing importance of retail trade.

If you are interested in engaging a leading provider, TechnologyFX is a strong option to consider.


Retailing has never been more challenging and exciting.

Retailers have had an increasingly difficult time for a long while. The challenge of high rents, lower margins and disruptive trends has seen many stores and store groups come and go. And whilst these trends will continue, a number of chains have really flourished; those with excellent technology backing their operations, their marketing and their push for increased sales.

TechnologyFX love to work with retailers as it is an industry where we have learned and developed our skills over a number of years. This covers experience in ecommerce, POS hardware, digital solutions, proximity marketing, business intelligence reporting and much more. We engage with retailers to understand their businesses and look to find a way to make technology bring out the best in their products and people.

We work with a number of 3rd parties both in software and hardware to bring together solutions whether it been in mobile POS, smarter inventory, customer apps or business intelligence. We are interested in working closely with our customers’ executive teams to take technology from being a constant cost to a game changing competitive advantage.

Medical Centres

Time is money and uptime is critical.

Doctors are busy. Practice managers are busy. Anyone associated with medical centres and clinics are inevitably busy. This has a lot to do with the requirement for businesses to be lean, and the ever growing – and ageing - population in Australia requiring medical help and advice. This is compounded by clients’ ever increasing lack of patience and the desire for instant gratification.

In short, technology needs to be fast, functional and available. TechnologyFX understands that whilst systems are down and not working, medical centres and clinics are losing money. We provide robust solutions and work with the main software suppliers to the medical centre and clinic market. Our experience covers the day to day support of centres along with enhancements, upgrades and implementations.

We work within flexible time frames to ensure operations are not disrupted and focus on prevention systems to ensure as many issues as possible are picked up before they become serious disruptive problems to the medical centre. If you are interested in working with an experienced provider who understands the demands of this industry, look no further.

Not For Profit

Not for Profit does not mean Not for Loss

Not for Profit industries are challenging. Organisations in this space typically are challenged around budgets and their ability to get the right solutions and the right resources. This is also challenged by often having a large pool of volunteers and lower paid workers. Often organisations have seasonal challenges, transient work forces and can be greatly affected by even minor changes in government policies.

TechnologyFX understand these demands and has been working in this sector for over 10 years. Working with organisations in this industry requires us to be at our best, both at keeping solutions to a low cost model and also being creative to get the most out of technology.

We work within flexible time frames to ensure operations are not disrupted and focus on prevention systems to ensure as many issues as possible are picked up before they become serious disruptive problems to the medical centre. If you are interested in working with an experienced provider who understands the demands of this industry, look no further.Whilst we offer lower rates and competitive pricing to this industry sector, our focus and passion here has been about the end business result, as we are heavily invested in social outcomes, particularly for the causes that are close to the management team. We have often donated services, time and equipment, within our resource capability, to organisations and we are proud of the fact we are helping make positive changes to people’s lives.

If you are interested in engaging a socially responsible company with a strong ethical record, please get in contact with TechnologyFX.

Professional Services

Empowering offices to be more productive.

We understand professional services firms. Whether they are accountants, lawyers, recruiters or engineers it is all the same. Time is money! The most efficient and productive companies shoot to the top. Less data entry and paperwork, more meaningful outcomes to clients. Just about every professional service firm faces the same challenges; lower margins, more competition, higher customer demands, better visibility and faster delivery times.

There is no doubt that the winners in this industry are the ones who have embraced technology and have focused on running lean. That’s where TechnologyFX comes in. We start at the very beginning which is to ensure that the systems are always up and running and no team or team member is not productive. We then move on to more sophisticated services such as integration of solutions, enabling cloud services and reducing costs wherever possible. We get it - because this is our industry and the demands are exactly the same.

If you feel your technology solutions are not up to scratch and your business could prosper with technology working well behind it, get in contact.

Vendor Partners

The right partners help delivery excellence in solution and service...

There is no doubt our vendor partners are a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to delivering on behalf of our clients. Whether large or small, global or national, hardware or software; our partners are critical to our service delivery. From Telstra and their robust network, to the excellence and consistency of HP, through to the critical role that Microsoft plays in underpinning a solution; TechnologyFX strives to work hand in hand with partners to provide complete solutions.

We select our vendor partners on the basis of their technology suites and the manner in which they conduct business. Whilst financial success is important, we know that working with the right partners and their products has to come first in the continual pursuit of serving our customers and providing excellent service.

For more than 12 years TechnologyFX has worked hard on picking the right partners. Whilst we haven’t always found the right partners straight away, we are very proud of the many successful partnerships we have built over the years.

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