IT system strategy and implementation


Colquhoun’s is a fifth generation Australian company with a long history of leadership in the packaging industry. When TechnologyFX was introduced to the business the technology in play was far from optimal and built predominantly on legacy systems.

In addition the company, with its multiple Australian offices, was struggling to deliver standards and quickly resolve technology problems as they emerged. The company had a long tradition of maintaining local infrastructure and the policy was starting to hinder the company’s ability to trade and make agile moves.

This was particularly pronounced with its large group of remote users and travelling staff. The challenge was how do you align new company direction in a disrupted market, without the right technology strategies in place to support such maneuvering?

“Since we engaged TechnologyFX to take care of our IT Solutions we have reaped a large benefit in terms of service outages, repair costs, support and project management. We now run an IT System that is the envy of others!”


The Solution

TechnologyFX worked on an ICT Strategy very rapidly with the company’s Managing Director and leadership team. The strategy needed to handle the challenge of consolidating company costs whilst providing the company more output and agile solutions. A detailed analysis was done of a cloud strategy, on premise strategy and a hybrid approach. It wasn’t long before the benefits of cloud were apparent particularly after the company suffered a number of concerning outages due to old infrastructure.

Managed services were rolled out in tandem with a number of shifts to the cloud across the business key applications and the adoption of Office 365. With a consolidated approach that meant the sites were now aligned to a hosted solution, the company was soon able to start to reduce time and risk tied up around technology. A key solution was to enable remote and mobile users to be active at client sites and during their travels.

In addition with better usage of the companies systems and a dedicated partner in TechnologyFX , users gained morale and were quickly able to resolve issues and learn to harness systems quicker. Even small things like reduction on power bills helped make an enormous different to the overall technology costs.

The Result

  • Reduction in ICT Spend
  • Empowerment of Remote/Mobile Users
  • Reduction in Down Time
  • Improved Staff collaboration
  • Enhanced Client Engagement
  • Reduction of Time Spent on ICT
  • Reduction of Business Risk

The Technology

  • TechnologyFX Managed Services
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Telstra Business Network
  • Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT)
  • Windows Server and Active Directory
  • Pronto ERP and CRM


Picking the right mix has never been more important.

In this day and age the choices are greater than ever and the responsibility of getting the right technology mix is even more pressing. It is clear that service providers are spoilt with choice. From a range of open source technologies right through to robust commercial products with years of operation; TechFlare faces an increasing demand to invest in the right technologies on behalf of our clients.

At the forefront of our choices is working with Microsoft to deliver their expanding range of solutions on the back of the Windows and Active Directory environment. Partnering with Microsoft, means TechnologyFX has the capacity to deliver an end to end solution for most clients.

HP has delivered for a long time to the market and TechnologyFX has spent a lot of time building solutions around the HP suite. This covers everything from the server range, storage, desktop, mobility and point of sale.

Key to our success is reliability and consistency. TechnologyFX has invested heavily in Telstra for these reasons. The behemoth Australia national has a world class infrastructure and network and leveraging this has been key in delivering on cloud strategies and consistent up time in managing environments.


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